Virtual 3d Cyber Sex

Virtual Sex, 3D Cybersex

There are different types of virtual sex, and 3D cyber sex. When some people think of 3D cybersex, they are thinking of the animated, pretty realistic, “avatar sex” - where you control a virtual character through a virtual world, much like playing a video game. Other people call the hentai type of animated porn clips and videos to be virtual sex, because the characters are not real, they are drawn. Some people call regular text chat virtual sex, or virtual cyber sex, and some people say having cam to cam live video sex is virtual sex.

Utherverse and Second Life are popular virtual worlds you can explore with your computer and the internet. Seeing other people’s virtual personas and yes you can have virtual sex in these 3d worlds, amongst other activities. Utherverse is an adults only playground created by a porn company, second life is an all ages place that has special linden dollars for buying upgrades and finding places that have special features within the world, including dildos, fucking machines, and other kinky stuff.

There have even been adult video series produced that are all about virtual sex, everything from movies that show people putting on glasses that magically transform them into sexual fantasy land, where everything is so real - but it’s just a dream, to POV series that are supposed to give you an idea of what it would be like to have sex with a porn star. The virtual sex with Jenna and other videos in that series give you a “Point of View” sex with the porn star while she sucks and fucks. This is supposed to give you the visions of what you would see if you were actually there fucking her.

Some companies have been working on ways to tap into the mind to provide virtual sex that gives you all the sensations of actually having sex, when you are just laying there by your self. I think we are years away from that, perhaps decades. There are interim devices being created and sold however, including teledonics, internet controlled rabbit vibrators, and mechanic dick stroking machines, all made to give you some of the sensations of sex without actually doing it yourself.

Recently I have a premium video chat portal that has girls doing live sex shows (mostly single girls dancing, flirting, getting nude, masturbating, etc) - all in 3D - you actually have to have the 3D glasses to watch the girl’s video feed, and it’s pretty neat.


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